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Web Application Development

We deliver Cross-platform scalable responsive web applications with desired functionalities that are accessible on a wide variety of browsers and mobile platforms.

Web app development has been gaining strength in the recent years with availability of modern technologies, cloud and reduced cost of infrastructure. REDJEE Software Labs has an unparalleled expertise in web application development. Having catered to clients from all around the globe, our team is highly proficient, competent and prompt to deliver web applications that are stale brief of the best.

We understand every customer is different and comes with different set of requirements and expectations. We believe in personalization and customization of our services to meet the expectations of every customer.


Our differentiators in Web Application Development

Modern Technologies and Architecture

We use all latest technologies in the market to deliver the web applications. We have experience in developing applications using the MVC architecture. We pay special focus on user interface and usability factors.

Cloud based Web applications

We have experience in developing cloud hosted web applications. More importantly our teams have rich experience in developing applications hosted in Microsoft azure cloud. Also, we work with start ups to develop applications that are hosted on shared servers and virtual private servers also.

Experience in seamless integration

Our team comes with excellent experience in integrating multiple systems as part of web application development. We have team of experts who has experience in using WebAPIs, JSons and Web Services as part of integration with other systems.

Cost Effectiveness

Our cost structure is flexible and affordable. We also help customers to plan the web application development process in a phased manner to enable gradual spend. We also advise our customers to focus on minimum viable product to go to market while the development of additional features happen in parallel.