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Testing Services

We, at REDJEE Software Labs, understand the important and criticality of testing in any software industry. We strongly believe, testing needs to be given enough time and importance irrespective of timeline or size of the project.

We consider testing as a special skill, but not a generic skill that anyone can perform. We pay special attention towards domain experience and knowledge while designing and performing testing to ensure the product meets the business requirements.


Below are some of importance phases of testing where we have expertise and we help our customers through our high-quality services.

  • Testing Strategy
  • Test Planning
  • Test Execution
  • Test Review
  • Retesting (Optional)

We give lot of emphasize for testing teams to work with business users to ensure the high-quality testing. Traceability matrix is one of critical tool that we use to track every requirement and for 100% coverage.

Our philosophy is to do everything possible to prevent a defect than correct. Our teams are always charged up to deliver non-breakable software with high quality testing, and we feel very proud of it.