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"At REDJEE, we are passionate about creating innovative solutions to problems experienced by businesses in their quest to improve customer experience, Operational efficiency, Automation, Scalability of business operations, Integration with various business parts, Business branding and Information management.."

Business environment is very dynamic, requiring organizations to evolve continuously. While there are standard products and services that cater to most common business processes, there are many business processes where connectivity, automation and integration need attention. Often it is difficult to find a service provider who can plug this gap with dependable, quick and affordable solutions and services.

REDJEE precisely works in this space, bringing decades of Information Technology Industry experience to the table from a team that is passionate about providing best customer experience. We recognize that each business is different even if you are operating in the same industry and you need your service provider to understand that when providing the solution that is just right for you.

  • website designing

    we craft elegant website that dramatically point your customers and helps in increasing leads.

  • application testing

    We deliver Cross-platform Scalable Responsive web apps implemented with pleasant functionalities.

  • app development

    Expand your customer mean and scope out to your customers on the devices they zeal to use.

  • content formation

    guides the unified content lifecycle, content formation, graphic design, multi-media endowment & evolution.

  • digitalmarketing

    provides full-fledged digital marketing services for better hook up with consumers.

  • analytics & reporting

    Analytical agility of skill has become a vital competitive differentiator and gaining equivalent edge by exploiting.

Why Choose Us

At Redjee our goal is to deliver integrated solutions that enhance every aspect of customer engagement. Web design, Mobile app development, content publishing, software development, digital marketing and analytics and reporting tools we use to curve what can be very complicated. With redjee you get an unique solutions as well as a trusted team of highly skilled professionals to recommend and support you along the way.

It is an Exciting Time to Work at Redjee Software Labs

We understand that there are many players in the market to provide IT services. Unfortunately, many service providers look for the ‘right sized’ customers and this often leads to less attention to the needs of small and medium businesses. At REDJEE, we care at the problem to be addressed and we don’t care about the customer size. We intend to make a difference to the quality of service obtained by small and medium businesses and at the same time, be an innovative partner to large corporations for focused, niche parts of process in their value chain.

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Sy no.80-84,Melange Tower,Hitech city, Madhapur,
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